Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting OC4J Admin Console to work in OC4J 9 0 4

What you say? There's no management console with OC4J 9.0.4 standalone. Well yes, officially you are 100% correct. There is no supported management console for the 9.0.4 release.

But ....

With a little bit of configuration, you can get the prototype admin console we've been using to test out a few things on the server side, up and running for OC4J 9.0.4 standalone. It's basically the same thing as the OC4J Admin Console that's configured out of the box in the OC4J 10.0.3 Developer Preview we have available now on OTN.
Just to make it clear -- this is completely unsupported -- there's a chance that it may do something strange to your configuration which you may need to recover from.
But for those of you who want to do deployments, web application binding, configurations of datasources and user provisioning, it gives you a simple browser based interface to work with.

To get it running do the following:
1. Edit j2ee/home/config/application.xml and add the following lines:
<web-module id="admin_web" path="../../home/applications/admin_web.war"/>
<ejb-module id="admin_ejb" path="../../home/applications/admin_ejb.jar"/>

This adds the OC4J Admin Console apps to the default application.

2. Edit j2ee/home/config/http-web-site.xml and add the following line:
<web-app application="default" name="admin_web" root="/adminoc4j" />

This binds the web module to the root path of /adminoc4j.

When you save these files, OC4J should detect the config file changes and auto-deploy the admin* applications.

Once the deployment has completed, you should be able to access the OC4J Admin Console using a URL of the form


The server side foundation layed by this work in the OC4J 9.0.4 release went on to become the JSR77/88 and JMX functional areas in the OC4J 10.0.3 release.

Enter the user Credentials(from j2ee/home/config/jazn-data.xml) and click OK.

<!-- JAZN Realm Data -->
<description>The default guest/anonymous user</description>
<display-name>OC4J Administrator</display-name>
<description>OC4J Administrator</description>
<display-name>Realm Admin Role</display-name>
<description>Administrative role for this realm.</description>

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